Introduction To Armenia

Armenia Through History 

Armenia, the Land of Noah (Planet Doc)

Documentary “Armenia, the Land of Noah” portrays a travel across Armenia, one of the most fascinating places in Europe. The marvelous adaptation of the Armenian people, their exemplary spiritual strength and the establishment of enduring culture have made possible the consolidation of a lineage that for millennia, has kept alive the legacy of one of the world’s oldest civilizations. 

On the Road of Armenia (CNN)

CNN has taken a glimpse into the life of modern-day Armenia as part of its latest On the Road series broadcast over the weekend. A documentary presented on CNN International on Saturday attempted to explore Armenia from different aspects, including the innovative brainpower of its young people, the nation’s love of chess, the difficult history of Armenians and their traditions. 

"My Armenia" (Rejas Films)

"My Armenia" - A lengthy docmentary on the Armenian history, religion, culture, architecture, nature and more by Rejas Films Production 

Conscious Caucasus – Europe’s Last Wilderness (VAUDE)

The Caucasus is perhaps Europe's last wilderness. The mountain range between Europe and Asia is home to the Caucasus leopard, Europe's last big cat, and many other endangered species. For over twenty years, the WWF has been helping to protect as much as possible of the Caucasus’ natural regions under threat from people and has been helping to make these areas available to the public for sustainable tourism. A great opportunity for bikers Sylvia Leimgruber and Susanne Huth. Together they set off to see learn about the WWF project and to personally experience the unique hospitality & culture of Armenia.



  Modern Armenia

Invest in Armenia (by DFA)

Major fields for invstment in Armenia are agriculture and animal husbandry, energy, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, IT & Engineering, tourism and real estate.

“The Government of Armenia has adopted an accelerated program of reforms aimed at creating a highly favorable climate for foreign direct investment. Further efforts to build a highly transparent, efficient and stable business environment, legal and regulatory frameworks, and a streamlined investment facilitation regime stand high on the agenda of the Government. The UAE and other Arab countries will find highly skilled and inexpensive human capital, a liberal and open economy, and access to major regional markets through Armenia,” as noted in the presentation by the CEO of the Development Foundation of Armenia, Garen Mikirditsian.



Tumo Center for Creative Technologies

The Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, in Yerevan, is an after-school learning environment where thousands of students aged 12-18 choose their own educational paths and acquire technical, artistic, and professional skills, guided by highly experienced educators and mentored by media professionals.

The Tumo Center’s main areas of focus comprise digital media, game development, website design, and animation. Students also participate in specialized workshops, guest lectures, and community events, which give them the chance to apply their knowledge and skills to the world around them.



The American University of Armenia (AUA)

The American University of Armenia (AUA) is a private institution of higher learning, offering a global education in Armenia.

AUA is affiliated with the University of California and accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission. 

Founded in 1991, AUA provides a high-quality, graduate and undergraduate education that encourages civic engagement and promotes democratic values, fostering scholarship in a setting that values and develops academic excellence, free inquiry, integrity, scholarship, leadership, and service to society.

In 2016 AUA celebrates its 25 years of excellence and achievements.  


Luys Foundation

Luys Foundation aims to create and unite a generation of critical, creative thinkers by increasing the number of Armenian students attending the world's leading universities, and providing financial support as well as mentoring to eligible students. Luys grants a loan or scholarship to Armenian students worldwide to study at the world`s top universities. Luys Scholars apply their acquired skills, knowledge, and expand network for Armenia`s benefit. 

The long-term vision of Luys Foundation is to build a culture of civil servants and a social institution that will foster positive cultural, academic, business and communal change in Armenia by raising the level of education and sense of civil responsibility among Armenian youth. Luys builds an infrastructure of new institutions, programs and relationships within Armenia to support this change.

The Luys Foundation is an ambitious undertaking that stands on a path to thriving Armenia. For achieving this goal the Foundation adopts the best practices from the best thinkers and most advanced social and research communities from around the globe.


United World College (UWC) in Dilijan

A newly constructed, globally competitive, prestigious international school -- United World College (UWC) -- has opened its doors in Dilijan, Armenia to students from 50 countries. The first UWC was established in Wales in 1962 and its mission was to prepare global leaders to help build a sustainable and lasting peace. Today, there are only 14 UWCs in the world. CivilNet went to Dilijan to meet with the students and staff of UWC and got an exclusive tour of the facility.


Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity

On behalf of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide and in gratitude to their saviors, the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity will be granted annually to an individual whose actions have had an exceptional impact on preserving human life and advancing humanitarian causes.

The Aurora Prize Laureate is honored with a US $100,000 award. In 2016 the Prize was presented by Oscar-winning actor George Clooney in Yerevan.

The Prize will be awarded annually on April 24 in Yerevan, Armenia.

The Aurora Prize is the initiative of the IDeA Foundation.